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Claudio Jung

Baritone Claudio Jung, Ph.D. in Arts Management, is a creative artist and a pioneer of a new paradigm of cultural genres in our era. As a professional in diverse art contents, he is an early adopter artist and an art scholar who uses online and offline channels to introduce and demonstrate exclusive art contents as part of building a cultural art platform.

He competes with the pop culture by objectively analyzing the database and studying groundbreaking classical music, opera, and fine arts contents that the modern society can relate to. His works have been published in the press and media over 200 times. (As of March 2014)

He graduated from the “Gaetano Donizetti” Institute of Music of Bergamo with director, conductor, musical, and opera Artist Diploma and won in 10 national and international singing competitions. He was invited to over 550 concerts around the world including Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Japan, China, Philippines, and over 60 cities in Korea as a performer, director, and producer. He held 25 recitals and performed in 10 operas. (As of March 2014)

After winning the Rookie Artist of the Year award in 2010 presented by the Korea Union of Art & Culture, he was appointed to the classical music editorial board, the judge of Korea-Germany Brahms Competition, and the representative of Federation of Korea Music Performers. Also, including the world first OPERAMA music video, he released 6 albums, [Jung Kyoung Arirang], [Dance;La Danza], [OPERAMA], [Serenade], [Jungsun Arirang], and [In the Name of Hope]. He performs in over 100 concerts and creative performances each year. (As of March 2014)

His Ph.D. thesis, “The Fusion of Performing Arts and Its Impact on Cultural Code” was published after an extensive study and research on arts management. He served at Kyung Hee University as the professor for OPERAMA. Currently, he is a professor at Hansei University Graduate School of Arts Management and an artist of MF Entertainment.

  • 성악가 바리톤 정경 프로필사진
  • 성악가 바리톤 정경 프로필사진
  • 성악가 바리톤 정경 프로필사진